My son is looking to put together a fish tank. Any supplies or decorations would be appreciated. Thanks.
Looking for wire hangers
Friend is in need of a wheel chair for her elderly father
Disabled veteran is looking for free lego's for children. Any condition is okay. Thanks very much!
My work is planning a retirement party with a Texas/Country Western theme. If anyone has some decorations, we could sure use them. I am also looking for large fake hay bales. Thanks.
Hello, I'm hoping to find plus size clothing for Women. Size 14 and up. Thankyou
In need of an electric stove ASAP please
If you have any woodworking tools, particularly, a jointer, and you have little use for them, I would be grateful. I'm a hobbiest who sees the possibility of making a little money making furniture. I have some tools, but the bank account is running a little dry, and I'm hoping someone may have some tools lying around the garage collecting dust. Thanks for your help, Phil
Hi I am hoping to find some new clothes. Simple as that.
looking for a laptop to teach a mentally disabled person how to use. would like to teach him how to use a computer to keep him busy, he doesn't work, so trying to reachout here. thank you
I will pick up, I'm in Temecula
does anyone have a twin bed frame they don't want
If any one has any spare moving boxes or empty boxes we have to move and would greatly appreciate any help at all thank you so much
Hi, I'm looking for a couple of wash tubs or large pots for plants. If you are looking to rehome them, I would be really happy to take them. thanks!! marilyn
need a wheelchair
Any kind CD, DVD duplicator good condition, affordable
Cali Pickers is a new kind of consignment and thrift store, not only do we have the normal consignments like antiques, furniture and appliances, we also have different vendors selling there items. Everything from hand made jewelry and wood plaques to custom photo gifts and hand made candles, lotions and soaps and everything in between. We currently have 12 different vendors and have room for 12...
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